David L.Day
Founder and President of Austin Executive Academy, LLC -
David has been a coach and consultant to executives for over 30 years. Working with mostly Fortune 500 companies, as well as some medium and smaller sized organizations, Mr Day has worked in over seven countries as he helped guide his clients through high stakes decision making, problem solving, issue management, and interaction. He has worked with executives in industries including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, medical devices, nuclear construction and maintenance, public utilities, environmental and high tech fields. For a time he participated in a section of military Incident Command training for Captains of the Port and has worked extensively with US Department of Energy environmental cleanup projects. David is creator of the innovative Dialogue Dimension Diagnostic tools that are a part of the unique dialogue assessment and reparative work of Dialogue Diagnostics™ company.

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Colleagues are a wonderful thing - but mentors, that's where the real work gets done.
- Junot Diaz
William P. Gardner
Founder and Executive Partner - Noetic Outcomes
Bill has more than 35 years experience coaching executives, improving team functioning, strengthening organizations, and creatively addressing problems and issues. His success spans a broad range of private, public, government and not-for-profit organizations as a consultant and coach for managers and executives from 26 countries. As an internal coach & educator, he worked in banking, higher education, industrial gas & chemicals, an electric utility, and a high tech semiconductor company. His professional peers awarded him with an "Excellence in Teaching Faculty Award" at the University of Southern Mississippi, designation as "Trainer of the Year" by the American Society for Training & Development, and four consecutive years the organization he led was named one of the "Top 100 Training & Development Organizations" by Training magazine. Bill holds a BS degree in Finance and Economics from Mississippi State University, an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi and extensive PhD level coursework in Organization Behavior and in Adult Education, Human Resource Development & Leadership at the University of Texas.Bill also is The Leadership Circle certified for numerous assessment functions.

Dwight E. Spence
Founder and President of D.E. Spence and Associates
Dwight is our sales pro. He is a Certified Professional Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Educator who helps develop sales professionals and organizations in a way that improves sales results so that the business can grow. His team's sales development offerings focus on sales professionals who help clients reach their goals, meet their needs, and fulfill their passions. Leveraging over 30 years of experience in sales, sales executive leadership, sales management, sales enablement, marketing, product management, acquisitions, integration, and business development, he helps re-invigorate sales as a dynamic profession and a critical business resource to the organization. His extensive work includes experiences as an entrepreneur, with non-profit projects, and with projects for large for profit corporations like DELL Computer, IBM Corporation, Tivoli Software, Candle, Micromuse, and MRO. While working for IBM, Dwight received a patent for a sales tool and methodology that makes it easy for clients to develop a roadmap to success as they build and manage their IT infrastructure.
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