You Are What You Don't Say
Finding a New Paradigm for Business Communication
Internationally known Strategic
and Crisis Communication Expert
David L Day
This is a book about bringing a new era of respect, trust, kindness and inspiration to all of our business lives. The modern world of human interaction has become a strange mix of old and new, appropriate and inappropriate, effective and ineffective, and can include too many downright disrespectful and failed attempts at dialogue. Even with all of the enormous changes in technology, the way people work and interact, and the overwhelming demands placed on humans' ability to rapidly exchange information, there has been almost no societal adaptation of guidelines for how we should communicate effectively. What businesspeople need is direction toward a new paradigm for how we all interact with each other.
This is not a little book about where to put your hands when you talk. The world needs much more than that. Business in the twenty-first century is moving and changing so rapidly that success can only come to individuals and organizations who are fluid, innovative, and creative in their approaches and their exchange of information.

Authored by a communication expert with more than thirty five years of strategic communication consulting experience, You Are What You Don't Say – Finding a New Paradigm for Business Communication is written for readers who want to understand why certain things work in communicating, and how some communication approaches are far better than others in today's business environment. It explores how meanness became so prevalent in so many companies and gives specific guidelines for finding the way to more innovative dialogue. This book can be a life-changing experience for anyone seeking to become more influential, liked, respected, and successful in their business and personal life.
Published by Austin Executive Academy. LLC
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